Wednesday, June 24, 2015

MANA Now Offers Private Writing Seminars

Have you ever wanted to have a one-on-one writing seminar with a publishing expert? Getting all of your questions answered in an in-person or online session attended by many people usually doesn't happen. 

If you want to experience a seminar with a "personal touch," then consider registering for MANA's "Writing Seminar – Private Style."

This personalized, private seminar will cover:

• How to make your writing ideas become a publishing reality
• How to start writing your book
The difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing
The issues of copyright ownership
• The book publishing process 
• Any and every question you ever wanted to ask

This one-on-one attention comes with no strings attached or any “hard sell tactics.” You are under no obligation to publish with MANA.  The purpose of the personal seminar is to provide you with valuable information to help you take steps to becoming a published author.

Where will this private seminar take place and what is the cost?
This one-on-one contact can take place:

For one (1) hour on the Internet or phone for a cost of $99.95

During a 2 to 3 hour, relaxing luncheon or dinner at a 4-star restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for $124.95. 

The choice is yours. Also, MANA will donate 10% of its fee to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, MANA’s 2015 designated charity.

If you believe a private seminar is right for you, then contact MANA today to register for your session.
Questions? Contact MANA at or CLICK HERE to register on MANA's website. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Contribute To MANA's Short Story Series And The MANA SUNSET Newsletter

In the early days of print, newspapers and magazines would publish short stories that would appear as a series. As a throwback to those days, MANA has brought serials back to the public. 

We have a Short Story Series on the MANA Sunriser Blog. Look on the right side of the blog for the list of stories that are currently published. 

In addition to the Short Story series, MANA is also publishing and poems and other short stories in THE MANA SUNSET newsletter as well as MANA's Blog Continuing Short Story (you can find a link to the latest short story series on the right side of the blog).

We have a variety of short stories posted. If you're a step-parent, you'll enjoy the laugh-out-loud, Not My Kid – Confessions of a Reluctant (Step) Parent by Momnonymous! If you're into mysteries, The Mysterious Lady, by Terry Brazier may be one that you'll enjoy.

Continuing this series means we need more short stories. We would like for writers to present one mini-series consisting of five installments. You will maintain your copyright.

MANA will publish your work for free, so this is a great way to get exposure and have your   work recognized by readers of our blog and newsletter and our social media followers. 

To be a part of this series, send your stories to MANA at for review. If accepted by the MANA Review Board, these works can appear on the MANA Sunriser Blog or The MANA SUNSET newsletter. 

We hope you enjoy our Short Story Series!  Start reading by going to the right side of this blog to view a list of stories in MANA's Short Story Series. 



Thursday, June 4, 2015


MANA is accepting entries for its Passion for Poetry Poet Contest. 

The winning poet will have his or her work published as an e-book with a professionally designed front cover. 

The winner will also receive: 

• An e-book publication of your poetry collection

• Professionally designed cover

• A webpage on the MANA website

• E-commerce services (accepting all major credit cards/providing electronic check 

• Digital marketing

• No charge for shipping and handling and storage

• 70 percent royalty for every sale made on the MANA website 

As the author, you will retain full copyright and you will receive a royalty for all sales of the work via MANA. 

To have a collection, you must submit 50 to 150 poems. Submit your entry as a Microsoft Word file. Deadline for entries is 11:59 PST, October 26, 2015.  There is no entry fee.

Don't wait, submit your entries today!
To submit your entry, email us at