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Empowered Women Small Business Owners Do More Than Just Survive—They Thrive!

Editor's Note: MANA is offering a new program called "MANA's Consultation Services." for women who want to launch a small business . To find out more about the service, visit our blog post: Recently, MANA's owner, Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott wrote an article for the Better Business Bureau's blog on empowering women small business owners:

Statistics report that most businesses, owned by men or women, have less than a five-year professional life (U.S. Department of Commerce, 2010, Oct). Small businesses owned by women have a shorter life span. Why is that? There are some basics that any small business owners must fulfill, such as being able to do just about every task employees do. However, why do women have more obstacles than men when it comes to running a business?

There are challenges that have been the kryptonite for women small business owners. Let's examine a few. To continue reading, go to:

Thursday, September 4, 2014

MANA Announces Three New Book Releases! (MANA) presents three new books by for your reading pleasure: 

Della's Writings, A Senior Citizen's Poetry and Short Stories by Della Frye

Author Della Frye created a collection of short stories and poems. Each one teaches lessons that both adults and children can learn. The section, Short Stories for the Young and Young at Heart are stories that even children will enjoy.  The poems cover every facet of life and some have been put to music. There are poems that convey, The Special Love & Strength of the Mother and Grandmother, followed by The Sorrows, Hopes & Joys of the Heart. Every work in this collection is memorable and well worth the read. 

Killer Toe by Anthony Witcher
Killer Toe is a major character in author Anthony Witcher's fictional narrative based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The narrative carries a theme of  right and wrong regarding love and redemption. The main female character works in a morgue. She is experiencing personal pain due to a bad breakup with her boyfriend. She remains unconsolable over the breakup and cries frequently at work. Her constant sobbing is heard by the Toe of one of her morgue patients. After hearing her story about the breakup, the Toe, which comes to life on its own, has compassion on her. In time, the Toe plays a key role in teaching a significant lesson on how to treat others in relationships. One cannot find peace until  Killer Toe gets its way!

Sarah McChristian takes her readers on the spiritual journey that changed her into the person she is today. The author describes a point in her life where she realizes her two identities which she describes as a "physical me and a spiritual me." She was not satisfied with the "physical" side of her life and explains how events in her life caused her to see herself as a person "with whom" she was not pleased. It wasn't until she became aware of God's "Law of Love," that the she began to see her "spiritual" side. The author describes her spiritual change which came as a result of her continuing "to satisfy my hunger for truth." The 2 of Me is a roadmap for readers who are going down a life path that they want to change. 

To preview the books, click on their titles. To discover other books that MANA has to offer, visit MANA's website and click on "List of Publications" in the menu.