Thursday, May 30, 2013

MANA's New Release: "Superstorm Sandy: In the Eyes of the Children" Now Available

Seven months before a tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, Superstorm Sandy destroyed parts of New Jersey and New York on October 29, 2012. Now, a new book has been released that describes the storm from the children's perspective. 

Superstorm Sandy: In the Eyes of the Childrenis a collection of essays from children who witnessed the destruction firsthand and felt – and some are still feeling – the devastating affects of the storm. Some residents are just now moving back into their rebuilt homes, while thousands of others are still homeless because their homes cannot be rebuilt or are still under reconstruction. 

In their essays, the children describe what they were doing before the storm hit,  the sights and sounds of the storm, how their homes were lost, and the pain and hearbreak they felt because of the storm. One student asked New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to "restore the shore." (Update: The Jersey Shore reopened Memorial Date weekend).

While many New York and New Jersey residents are trying to get their lives back on track, the emotional, psychological, and physical scars still remain from the storm, which flooded thousands of homes and caused dozens of death. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Self-Publishing Plan Includes Print On Demand now offers a self-publishing plan, called "Basic Plan IIb (Hard Copy Only & E-Book)" that includes Print on Demand. What does this mean for authors? This means that authors can have a minimum of 25 of their books printed, as long as there are no color text or graphics inside of the book. 

What is Print on Demand?

Print on demand allows books to be printed only in response to an author's request. For instance, an author can order 28 books and pay to have that amount printed. At a later date, the same author can order 41 books or whatever number they want, as long as it's a minimum of 25 books. 

How does Print on Demand help the author?

Authors who do not want hundreds of books printed at one time, can order only the amount of books they want. Authors will not have to house a large number of books that they believe they do not need at the time. 

What other services does "Basic Plan IIb" include?

• Basic document layout
• Editing
• Proofreading
• Web page on MANA web site
• e-commerce services (i.e., acceptance of electronic checks and major credit cards)
• digital marketing
• Brochures (a maximum of 100)
• Cover design and color covers

To find out more about Basic Plan IIb, and to view other self-publishing plans, visit

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Bugle Calls

By Captain Adrian D. Massey
(For CPT Terrance Wright,  1LT Jeremy Wolfe, and our Fallen Comrades

Having been a witness at the windows of your soul, where we shared goals, dreams and life stories, 
I listened to you speaking of wanting to marry and have children. 
I watched your silent faith speak volumes. 
Having been even prepared for war, 
no one is prepared to lose a friend and comrade like this. 
Although your journey shortened, 
a Solider's soul never dies.
A flag is folded for you, 
and the bugle's tone vibrates
similar to your spirit in the air; 
it never ceases, always plays.
You are remembered and respected
as I pray for you, having been a witness
at the windows of your soul.
Tears run sharply down my face and theirs, 
my hand goes sharply up,
fingers to the corner of my right brow.
Young paratrooper, you are remembered.

Excerpt from A Solider's Poetic Response: A Slice of His Life. To purchase, visit

A MANA MONDAY Call For Authors Who Are Military Veterans and Active Duty Service Members

MarketingNewAuthors (MANA) thought it was fitting to announce on Memorial Day its MANA MONDAY discount for June. 

MANA is seeking manuscripts from our military veterans or for those currently serving in the military. This is the time to tell your story, whether it's a fictional short story, a children's book, or your own experiences in your military career or civilian life. MANA is extending an opportunity to see your literary work come to life. 

On MANA MONDAY, offered on the last Monday of each month, we call for a particular genre or theme or writer to submit his or her manuscript. Manuscripts for the next MANA MONDAY, scheduled for June 24, can be of any genre or theme, as long as the author is a veteran or active member of the military. 

June is an important month in military history as June 6, 1944, was D-Day, the turning point of World War II. The Allies, including the United States, invaded Normandy, France. The Allied Invasion of Normandy began the liberation of France and the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany. 

On MANA MONDAY, authors receive a 20% discount off the cost of any self-publishing plan.  MANA has several self-publishings plans including our new print-on-demand package. The plans, which fit all budgets, include editing, proofreading, an author's web page, e-commerce services, digital marketing, printing, cover designs and color covers. You can review our plans on our Self-Publishing Page on's web site. Authors who choose not to have digital marketing can earn 100% royalty.

If you're interested in taking advantage of MANA MONDAY, all you have to do is submit your manuscript and a non-refundable fee of $299 on our MANA MONDAY web page. The $299 is a down payment toward the cost of the plan you choose. Remember, you will also received a 20% discount of the cost the plan that you choose. 

Questions? E-mail us or call us at 734-975-0028.

Happy Memorial Day from MANA

Monday, May 20, 2013

Parents Displaying A Love For Reading Influenced Author Carrie Mattern

"The emergence of a writer begins in the home with the
parents and guardians that focus on reading every day." (MANA) welcomes Ms. Carrie Mattern to the MANA Family. Mattern was the Second Prize winner of MANA's 2013 Sunrise Writer's Contest. A previously published author, Mattern, up until now, has written children's books based on her real-life experiences as a parent. This time, Mattern, tackles the dark side of teenage bullying and suicide in her prize-winning book, All About Jane. Readers get a sense of foreboding from the first page of Mattern's riveting story. MANA interviewed Mattern about her life and her love of writing. All About Jane is scheduled to be released by MANA as an e-book on May 29. The print version will be released by MANA's parent company, Robbie Dean Press on June 29.

MANA: Carrie, how did you become a writer?

Carrie Mattern: Ultimately, I became a writer because my parents highlighted reading in my life. As a child, I remember heading to the Flint (Michigan) Public Library or Genesse District Library on every other Saturday with my mom and brother; we were allowed to choose two books to take home and read. It was the highlight of my week unless it was dad's turn and we got to go out to breakfast with him! I also recall seeing my dad read the Flint Journal every night in his recliner. He would get home from work at Coca-Cola, eat dinner, and then recline back in his chair to catch up on the news of tthe day. These memories both allude to role models in my life reading, and with much importance on reading, so begins the next step of writing. I kept journals from a very early age, and now my second-grade daughter reads them. She keeps her own as well. The emergence of a writer begins in the home with the parents and guardians that focus on reading every day. 

MANA: What influenced you to write your novella?

CM: My novella has been a story in the making for quite some time. I've always wanted to write something for my students since I teach at the high school level. True events did loosely inspire the tale, but the purpose was not to provide truth in why suicide happens, but to illuminate that what adolescents say and what they do have immediate repercussions with life-lasting effects that may touch more people than they ever realize. As the mother of a young girl who is facing the mean-girl stuff at school, and as the sponsor of a bullying awareness group (Empathy for All) at Carman-Ainsworth High School, I understand the impact bullies have on children each day. What many adults today fail to realize is that suicide tends to be the last resort that wasn't caused by bullying, but a culmination of issues that went unnoticed or untreated for a long time.

Friday, May 17, 2013

MANA MONDAY Specials for Authors and Customers

May 20 is MANA MONDAY for writers who have manuscripts for books dealing with any aspect of parenting, step-parenting, and or grandparenting.

If you have a manuscript tackling any issues on parenting, then take advantage of this opportunity for a discount on any of MarketingNewAuthor's self-publishing plans.

Writers will reeve 20% off of any plan. MANA's self-publishing plans include editing, proofreading, printing, book cover designs, color covers, e-commerce services, an author's web page and digital marketing. MANA also tailors its self-publishing plans to meet authors' needs.

MANA invites you to send your manuscript on parenting to Then, go to's Self-Publishing Plan web page. Scroll down and input the non-refundable down payment of $299.

MANA MONDAY also features a special for customers. Those who purchase books on parenting from MANA's Online Bookstore will receive a rebate check. Enclosed with your order, MANA will send you a rebate check for 20% off the purchase price of the following books:

Where is Adam? Understanding a Father's Role by Jeff Wheeler

Teenagers: Unlocking Personal Power by Midge Patzer

Parents Imparting Discipline and Heritage by Fairy C. Hayes-Scott Ph.D.

So, if you have a manuscript that will benefit anyone parenting or trying to deal with the challenges of nurturing toddlers to teen, then contact MANA. Questions? Contact MANA at

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Top Ten Writing Rules From Famous Writers

Produced by Lyra Communications, this video of the Top Ten Writing Rules from famous writers will inspire your writing and your love for the craft.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May is ALS Awareness Month

May is ALS Awareness month and The ALS Association will mark the month with a call to action to "Create a world without ALS. Speak up now to give hope."

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects a person's nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. The ALS Association supports global research and advocacy for those facing the challenges of the disease.

According to its most recent website traffic statistics, The ALS Association finds that more and more people are visiting looking for information about the disease, its symptoms, diagnoses and treatments. This month, The ALS Association will work to turn that interest into action through an online and social media campaign around the shared vision to create a world without ALS.

"We typically see a spike in our web traffic when someone very visible is connected to ALS," Jane H. Gilbert, President and CEO of The ALS Association, said in a prepared statement. "But those spikes are now built upon a solid stream of daily visitors. During this year's ALS Awareness Month, we want to funnel that interest into action to encourage people to get involved in the fight against this devastating disease."

This year, (MANA) is getting involved by committing 10% of most of its sales to The ALS Association. Also, MANA is also using its Sunriser blog to raise awareness of ALS with its MANA Blog Continuing Short Story. For every 20 posts on the MANA Blog Continuing Short Story, MANA will donate $10 to The ALS Association. So, it's not too late to submit your comments to the MANA Blog Continuing Short Story.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Do You Know The Difference Between Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing?

Publishing title=

A Call For Manuscripts on Parenting for MANA MONDAY, May 20

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Because of that, parents search for advice from friends, other parents and from books. 

MANA wants to help parents find the advice and help that they need, which is why MANA MONDAY on May 20 features a call for writers of parenting books.

Because there are so many aspects to parenting, the subjects of the manuscripts are endless. But, just to give you some ideas, subjects can include:

• How to care for a baby

• Tips on raising teens, 

• What to do if your child is being bullied

• How to keep your relationship alive while raising a family, or 

• Financial advice for families. 

On MANA MONDAY, authors will receive 25% off of any self-publishing plan. MANA's plan includes editing, proofreading, an author's web page, e-commerce services, digital marketing, printing, cover designs and color covers. Authors who do not want digital marketing can earn as much as 100% royalty. MANA also tailors its self-publishing plans to meet authors' needs.

To take advantage of MANA MONDAY's offer, submit a non-refundable down payment of $299 on the Self-Publishing Plan web page of the web site. Then, send your manuscript via email to MANA at

Parenting is a rewarding, yet challenging job and your manuscript may be just what a struggling parent needs. So, consider self-publishing with MANA.

Questions? Contact MANA at or at 734-975-0028.

What You Will Learn From Parenting Books

By Kum Martin 

For many first time parents, the birth of child is truly bewildering. They do not know how to look after the child or what is right or wrong. As the child grows up, the parents are again at a loss how to inculcate values and beliefs into the child. Of course, this is true for all parents. Parenting, most probably, is the most challenging task in the world. So, if a parent can lay his or her hands on a good parenting book, many of the issues can be handled by taking guidance from these resources.

Usually parenting books are written by men and women who are parents themselves. They take their personal experience into consideration and try to present their point of view. Even sociologists and psychologists pen down parenting books. These books are available in a vast number of topics and discuss each one either individually or collectively. Reading these books, parents will be better equipped to handle different parenting situations and also be able to guide their kids towards happiness and righteousness, and become into self-confident individuals.

The books act as a guide and tell parents how important it is for them to spend quality and meaningful time with their kids; how to nurture the parent-kid relationship so that it blossoms; how to encourage kids to give their best in any given situation; and how to handle discipline. At the same time, it is important for parents to use these parenting books as a guideline rather than something that is etched on stone. The books are mere aids that help parents, and parents should be smart enough to realize that they may have to change according to the situation present in their lives. 

Nonetheless, parenting guides offer different parenting situations and you will find practically all situations in these books. So, you will never be at a loss on how to handle things if you read a parenting guide and try and learn from someone else's experience.

Kum Martin is an online leading expert in parenting. He also offers top quality articles like: Autism Alternative Treatments, Down Syndrome Facts

Article Source: What You Will Learn From Parenting Books

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Raising An Avid Reader

By Amanda C Smathers 

Pride filled my heart and tears came to my eyes as I walked out of the parent/teacher conference. My three year old is growing up. Her daycare teacher told us that her favorite past time was to sit in the library section of the classroom with her best friend and take turns reading and pretending to be teachers. As a former teacher of eight years, I was delighted that her passion is books and I know this is not by chance.

My husband and I are both avid readers. He reads two magazines a week and I love reading a book or on the iPad before bed. When I was a kid I'd spend hours lost in a book. It would be nothing to spend the entire weekend reading a novel from cover to cover. As an adult, I miss that freedom of reading. I still find time to read but no longer can I forget my responsibilities.

Allow your children to catch you reading a book or magazine. It shows them that you value books and you enjoy reading. They will follow your example. When they are babies read out loud to them the Reader's Digest or your favorite author. Use an upbeat voice and it won't matter if you are reading a children's book or the latest detective novel.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Make It A MANA Mother's Day!

Would you like to give a special Mother's Day present this year? Then, consider giving your Mother, Wife, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, Family Friend, and special men (who function as mothers, too)  a present that person will never forget - a self-publishing plan provided by (MANA).

If the special person in your life has already written a manuscript, this is the perfect opportunity make that person's dreams come true. 

Visit MANA's web site at and view our Self-publishing Page. We can tailor a self-publishing plan to meet each author's needs. 

There's still time to purchase a unique gift for Mother's Day. 

Questions? Contact MANA at

Monday, May 6, 2013

MANA To Hold Publishing Workshops in the Flint, MI area

If you live in the Flint, MI area, and want information on how to become a published author, then consider attending one of two workshops sponsored by MANA.

The first workshop takes place from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, May 18 at Pages Bookstore, 132 W. Second St. in Flint. The second workshop is scheduled from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, June 15.

The constant changes in today's publishing industry, it is important for authors, especially first-time authors, to choose the best publishing method that will work for them, according to MANA representative Fairy C. Hayes-Scott. 

"Authors need to consider every aspect available to them in the publishing industry," said Hayes-Scott, the featured workshop presenter. "They may benefit from traditional publishing as opposed to self-publishing, depending on the type of work that they had written. Unfortunately, some authors are not aware what they are involving themselves in when they are seeking for a company to publishing their book or when they decide to self-publish their own book. 

While the 
workshops will focus on writers who want to self-publish, much of the information will apply to those who want a traditional publisher. The workshops will also cover the little discussed issue of “how to sell those books” after they are shipped to the home and packed in a storage area.

Cost: Early Registration (until May 10): $50. After May 10: $75. Registration fee is non-refundable. 

Whatever you want to know about becoming published, these workshops will provide in the information. For more information, contact MANA at or call us at 734-975-0028.

MANA MONDAY for MAY: A Call for Manuscripts on Parenting

Are you an author who has written a manuscript about parenting? If so, consider self-publishing your manuscript with (MANA) and receive a special discount during MANA MONDAY, May 20. 

MANA MONDAY is the day set aside each month by to offer deals for authors who want to become self-published. 

This month, we are seeking manuscripts with advice, information, tips, techniques or encouragement for parents. The topics could range from your personal experience as a parent, to how to raise children, to finding time to nurture your relationship with your spouse/partner while raising a family. Because parents have so much to handle, the subjects of the manuscripts are endless. 

On MANA MONDAY, May 20, authors will receive 25% off of any self-publishing plan. MANA's plan includes editing, proofreading, an author's web page, e-commerce services, digital marketing, printing, cover designs and color covers. Authors who do not want digital marketing can earn as much as 100% royalty. MANA also tailors its self-publishing plans to meet authors' needs.

To take advantage of MANA MONDAY's offer, submit a non-refundable down payment of $299 on the Self-Publishing Plan web page of the web site. Then, send your manuscript via email to MANA at

Parents need as much support as possible, which is why your manuscript may be just what they need to help balance their work, school and home-life.

Questions? Contact MANA at or at 734-975-0028.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Seeking More Comments For MANA's Blog Continuing Short Story

MANA's Blog Continuing Short Story has been well-received by our readers and we're seeking more comments. Because of the previous contributors, MANA has been able to donate funds to the ALS Association. Thanks to all who have made this possible by contributing to the short story.

The purpose of the Continuing Short Story is not only to offer a venue for readers to show their creativity but also to raise awareness of, and funds for,  the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease). ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects a person's nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. The ALS Association supports global research and advocacy for those facing the challenges of the disease. 

In 2013, MANA is committing 10% of most of its sales to the ALS Association. In addition, for every 20 posts on the MANA Blog Continuing Short Story, we will donate $10. 

You can still contribute to the short story, which features the saga of Mallory, Mea and Damon, who are now on the run for their lives in New York City. Mea has just learned that her parents were British operatives working with the Secret Service. Is Damon, the man Mea loves, really the man she believes that he is? Who is he? You can decide by reading the story and writing a continuation to the drama. 

You can contribute as many times as you want. No more than five sentences per post are needed. Of course, more are fine. 

So, start posting today to continue the story!