What We're Reading: "The Glen, A Love Story"

If you're in the mood for mystery, myth and romance, then you'll want to read The Glen, A Love Story, by Marie Coté Sherhart.

The main character, Devon Fournier, is a successful fiction writer who lives in the woods in the Adirondacks with her pets. Devon is forced to face her past as she recovers from the death of her lover, Ron. Sherhart writes:

Having gone through the debilitating and dignity-robbing crisis of Chemo and other medications, Ron had finally given in and let go. For the longer time, no one was able to bring Devon around. 

Not her friends, not her family. She spent each day alone, without human interaction, only her animals to keep her company. After his death, she was in agony for over a year. When it was over for him, it was just starting for Devon.
Meanwhile, Devon is being stalked by Maria Winter, a member of the Tribal Council. But why? Maria also has a story. She loves animals. In fact, the animals have replaced a hole in her life left by an "irreplaceable person" in her past. Who is that person?

While Maria's stalking Devon, the wealthy Richard Diamond walks into Maria's life. Does this mean the beginning of a new relationship for Maria or is something else about to happen?

The story also focuses on one person who continues to haunt the reservation: the spirit of Barbara Winter. Barbara mysteriously disappeared prompting others to search out the truth about her disappearance. 

The intrigue builds as more characters are introduced and become intertwined in each other's lives. According to the author, "All the characters involved weave the web of intrigue, drifting in and out of each other's lives, like a deadly arachnid, spewing its venom and leaving in its wake-shattered hearts and lives.

A must read. Click HERE to previewThe Glen, A Love Story, on MANA's web site.

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