Teaching Your Child Honor Through the Alphabet

Watch the TV news or read a newspaper on any given day and you are almost guaranteed to find examples of scandals and unethical behavior in any profession. 

Parents who want to teach their adolescent or teen-age children about values and honesty can take these stories and turn them into teaching opportunities. For younger children, however, parents may want to consider something more age-appropriate, such as the  book, Alphabet of Honor by Ann Warkentin.

This book, available through MANA, can serve as a catalyst for key discussions in families as well as in the classroom. Alphabet of Honor encourages discussion to help parents and teachers instill a child's development of ethics, a clear sense of right and wrong and a sense of honor. Warkentin does this in a unique way: By using the letters of the alphabet.  
The book begins with the letter "A," which is associated with "Accept Responsibility." The picture for this letter is a little girl with a facial expression which indicates that something has happened to the toy that she is holding up. Based on this photo, the author poses the following questions to the readers: 

1. What do you think happened to the toy?

2. Is this girl in the photo the owner of the toy?

3. How would you feel if the toy were yours?

4. How could you accept responsibility?

5. Has this every happened to you?

6. How would you handle this? What would you do?

Children can answer these questions on their own or the adult reader can pose the questions and discuss the answer with the child. The photos and the text should appeal to a broad age range. 

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