Love in the Midst of the American Revolution

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, the American Revolution comes to the forefront as we recall the founding of our nation. 

If you want to be drawn into the country's history in a different way this year, then Bootmaker to the Nation: The Story of the American Revolution is the book for you.

John Slade has created an epic work that weaves thoroughly researched historical facts concerning the American Revolution with the lives of a fictional couple who met, fell in love and married during this turbulent time in the nation's history.

The book chronicles the love between Benjamin, an apprentice cobbler from London, and Genevieve, an American girl whose father and brother are among the revolutionaries who capture him on the way back from Lexington and Concord.  Genevieve's life changes after meeting Benjamin, who teaches her how to read and write. She later becomes a courier and a scribe for General George Washington. 

The story begins with Benjamin, now a senior citizen, reflecting on his life and all of the experiences he has encountered:

So I come to think, a man of seventy-one myself, that on this warm evening in July, the milking done, I would set pen to paper (Not unmindful of the presumptuousness of my task) to tell the tale of rebellion and war and victory. I would like the many progeny to whom I will bestow not only home and farm but nation itself, to know at what cost, in treasure and love and anguish, the blessings of nationhood were bought (Excerpt from book).

The story of Benjamin and Genevieve is intertwined with the tense battle at Lexington, a relentless attack at Bunker Hill, the harsh winter at Valley Forge and the decisive battle at Yorktown. Not only will readers learn about the real battles of the American Revolution but how and why the war was fought. 

With its 721 pages, the book may appear daunting. But don't let this bother you. It is truly a page-turner that you can't put down until you're done, according to several book reviewers.
Don't just take a reviewer's word for it; read this captivating novel for yourself. 

This book is guaranteed to add sparkle to your Fourth of July holiday. 

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