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 It was a brisk, cold mid-November morning, and a man was sitting at a café neighboring his hometown. The café had been open for 15 years and he had become a regular. He sat near the window, watching people walk by, and some come in. 

 The man's name was Les, and he had made friends with some of the other regulars and staff. Naturally, over time, some of them would leave. 

  A new customer who was starting to become a regular had recently caught his attention. Every time she walked up the street to the café, she had an elegant flow about her. She always wore the same color but in different tones that somehow all went together.

   Being so close to the window and the room being quiet, Les could hear high heels clicking up the sidewalk. Today she strolled by the window in different shades of blue with the wind slightly blowing, which gave her a type of magical look about her. 

   Les turned as she walked to the counter to place her order. "I'll have a dark chocolate hazel nut cappuccino and..." The mysterious blue woman ordered five different drinks. She thanked the barista and walked daintily across to the attached bakery. Les quickly moved himself over to a table nearby to watch her place another order. 

To be continued

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