MANA Holiday Publishing Offers Available Now!

If you have ever wanted to publish a book or place your short stories or other literary works in front of new readers, then take advantage of’s (MANA) holiday promotion. 

Why Should You Publish With MANA?

Although there are many reasons to publish with MANA, here are 5 top reasons: 


1. Personalized attention. Rather than watching a video or chatting with an Artificial Intelligence avatar, you will actually talk to a live person. You may ask questions and get direct answers.

2. No Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Publishing. Some authors prefer writing and are not interested in DIY publishing. MANA takes care of editing, book formatting, book cover design, and other services for you.

3. You choose the services. MANA has a wide array of services, but you can select as many—or as few—as you want. 

4. Opportunity to preview your work. You will be able to review your book before it is printed. 

5. Marketing services available. If you are a first-time author and do not have an audience of your own, MANA will promote your work to its followers while you build up your own audience. 

MANA T-shirt

• Get a $500 discount off all publishing plans, except e-book publishing plans, and receive a complimentary MANA t-shirt. 

• Get a $500 discount off all marketing plans and receive a complimentary MANA t-shirt

Find New Authors 

MANA promotes authors who publish with MANA and those who do not. As a result, readers learn about new authors and find more books to explore. 

Looking for more reading material? Then look no further than MANA. Do you struggle with grammar, MANA can help you with that, too. 

• Purchase one book on MANA’s website at full price and receive 50 percent off the second book of equal or lesser value, You will receive a refund check from MANA for the second book immediately with the shipping of both books.

• Purchase the e-book version of Bare Essentials: An English Handbook for Beginner Writers, 19th ed. and complimentary choice of any other two (2) books on MANA’s website and receive a complimentary MANA t-shirt.

Writing Opportunities

MANA gives writers an opportunity to showcase their short stories, dramas, poetry, and prose on MANA’s website. What’s more, authors can place 20 pages of their soon-to-be-published manuscript for the next six (6) months on MANA’s website for potential readers to preview. What better way to gain the attention of new readers?

• Receive a holiday discount of $54.95 for six months ($10 off the regular cost of $64.95) and a complimentary MANA t-shirt. Take advantage of MANA’s self-publishing plans and the fee goes towards the plan of choice.

DR C Writing Services 

Do you know someone preparing to take a college entrance exam and needs help with writing an essay? DR C Consultant Services helps high school seniors and adults to write effective college entrance exam essays and assistance with writing for the first semester of college. 

• Get 25 percent off the pre-holiday charge and receive a complimentary MANA t-shirt. 

For more details, contact MANA at 734-975-0028 or via email:

Ready to purchase? Click here to visit MANA’s website. 

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