MANA's Call For Short Stories

Attention short story writers! (MANA) is putting out a call for short stories to add to the MANA Sunriser Blog. MANA's Short Story Series is a throwback to the days when print newspapers and magazines published short stories that appear as a series.

MANA has brought serials back to public life! The stories run the gamut, from suspense to comedy, from twists and turns to straightforward fare, the stories have it all! To read the short stories that are currently posted, go to the right side of this blog to view the story list. 

The stories are written in five installments, with one segment posted each week, just like the serials of bygone days.

Do you have a short story that you would like to have featured in MANA's Short Story Series? If so, submit a five-segment short story that totals 500 words, 100 words or so per segment). If the submission is accepted, MANA will post it on the MANA Sunriser Blog for a wide audience to view. 

If you want to answer the call, then submit your work to MANA today. We will review your story and notify you if we accept your story for publication. You will maintain full copyright. 

To submit a short story, attach a Word file, and send it via email to

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