Buy One, Get One Free! Take Advantage of MANA's Book Sale

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has posed many challenges. However, there are some good things that can happen even in the worst of times. One of those good things is MANA's book sale.

The books listed below entertain, inform, and function as works that adults and children will find valuable; 
all you have to do is purchase the ebook of BARE ESSENTIALS, 19th ed. at full price and choose any of the books below for FREE! (Click on the title to preview the book)

BARE ESSENTIALS is an excellent handbook for those needing help with their grammar or writing skills. This is a supplementary resource that students, instructors, writers, and parents can use. 

Get one of the following books for free:

1) AUTISM-POETIC PRIDE by "Queen" Anya Rutz. This book shows what an individual with autism can share through poetry.

2) GRANDDADDY by Cavis Adams. This story details the influence of a Black grandfather has on his family, particularly his young grandson who visits his granddaddy in Alabama and experiences the South for the first time. 

3) THE MEDICI HEIRS by Rita Gitik. This book shows the strength of Juliana Scott, a descendant of the famous Medici family, who fights against her mother who had her imprisoned in a mental institution.

4) SELLING MEMORIES by Rita Gitik. This book combines poetry and short stories that share literature that serves as guidance for generations to come.

5) NICK CHRISTOPHER: TIME TRAVELER by Gregory Shafer, D.A. What does a young scientist do when his mother dies, leaving him alone, devastated, and wondering about this responsibility as an only child? For Dr. Nick Christopher, the answer is easy. He must go back in time to save her. But does he really save her or does he change the course of his family history?

6) DANCER & OTHER TATTERED THREADS OF PTSD LIVES: AFTER THE WARS by T. Patrick Devlin. This book shows how PTSD affects not only the veteran but how it affects family, friends, and others around them. 

7) LET'S FIX IT: A FEW COMMENTS ABOUT LIFE FROM A GRANDMOTHER by Martha Freudigman. In this no-nonsense book, the author gives suggestions on how to fix the major and minor problems in American society.

8) GOD'S GIFT TO ME: I SHARE WITH YOU, BOOK TWO by Doris Zarzycki. This book contains poetry and prose that dispenses wisdom and provides spiritual support, especially during these challenging times.

9) LONELY GIRL DIARIES: FROM PAIN TO PEACE, PART I by Laura Wade. The author shares the diary entries detailing the breakup of her marriage. This book is an excellent read for a woman dealing with infidelity and finding her inner strength to move forward.

10) BUILDING A GOOD DRIVER by Leonard Hunter. This book will help parents or spouses help their loved ones garner the art of becoming a first-rate driver.

To take advantage of this offer:

1. Visit our web site at

2. Go to the MENU

3. Click on "Publications" and scroll down to find your book. 

4. Pay for the BARE ESSENTIALS e-book.

5. Send an email indicating any ONE of the books from the above list. 

Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive the password to gain access to the ebook and receive the free book of your choice by emailing: 


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