Are You Ready to Publish? MANA and RDP Can Help!

You've spent months writing, re-writing, and editing your manuscript. Now, it's time to publish. 

Do you want to self-publish your work? Turn to (MANA). 

Do you want a traditional publisher for your book? Then, let Robbie Dean Press take care of the process, from start to finish. 

MANA and RDP, the parent company of MANA, provide a variety of publishing services ranging from editing, to book cover design, to marketing. Check out  MANA's website to view our publishing plans.

MANA and RDP can tailor a plan to fit every budget. 

Want to turn your manuscript into an audiobook? MANA and Marktree Productions work together to make an author's work come alive. Read our post about the advantages of audiobooks. 

If you are not ready for a full publishing plan, then MANA can provide professional layout at an affordable cost. Then you can choose:

  • MANA to publish your work
  • Any other company to publish your work
  • Publish the work yourself

his plan is perfect for writers who want to have their manuscript prepared to go to the next level—only later. 

If you do not want hard copies of your manuscript, MANA can create an e-book for you. MANA can publish your e-book or have your e-file ready so that you can print or publish your work with any company that you wish. 

Whether you want to self-publish your book or traditionally publish your work, MANA and RDP are here to help you. 

Questions? Contact MANA at or go HERE to visit our website.

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