How Are You Coming Along With Writing Your Book?

Are you working on your book or making excuses? 

You know, the same excuses you've been making for some time: 

I don't have time to write. 


I have writer's block. 


I'm afraid that readers won't like what I write.

If you want to start—and complete—your book, it's important that you factor writing into your daily schedule. After all, writing is arguably the heart of everything when it comes to publishing your book!

To help you to prioritize your writing, here are 5 important points to consider and questions to ask yourself:

1. Fit writing into your daily life in a practical way. 

• When will I find time to write?
• What am I willing to set aside in order to spend that time writing?
• Am I willing to make writing a daily habit?

2. Find topics for your work.

• What am I going to write about? 
• What research do I need to do on the topic? 
• Are people interested in reading the topic that I want to write about?

3. Develop a long-term writing plan.

• How long will it take for me to complete my book? 
• Where do I want to be with my writing six months from now? 
• What strategy do I need to get there? 

4. Develop an outline of your book.

• Should I use a book outline template to help me organize my book?
• How many chapters will it take for me to tell my story?
• What information do I want to go into each chapter?

5. Edit, proofread and revise your work.

• Have I checked my manuscript for grammatical errors and typos?
• What is my plan for editing my book so that it looks as professional as possible?
• Have I taken out unnecessary words or parts that stop the story from flowing?

If you haven't started writing, don't fret. It's not too late. You can start today to achieve your goal of publishing your book. 

Sometimes taking the first step is the most difficult one to take. But don't worry, you can do this!

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