5 Fears to Overcome Before Publishing Your Book

Are you planning to publish a book this year? Without a doubt, publishing a book is a major accomplishment, but it’s not for the fainthearted!

It’s natural to have some fear before you introduce your book to the world. But, don’t let fear be a stumbling block to publishing your book. 

The following are 5 fears that many authors face and a few tips for overcoming them: 

1. Fear of “going public.” It is important for authors to have a platform to connect and engage with their readers, whether it’s a blog, an author's website, or social media. Your readers want to know the author behind the book. If you want to remain anonymous because you're afraid to go public, you may have difficulties selling your book. 

2. Fear of criticism. Readers will provide feedback—which may include criticism.  Criticism may be hurtful at first, but it can also be helpful. How? It can show you the weakness of a storyline or a need to flesh out a character, for example. So, take the good with the bad and learn from both. 

3. Fear of promoting your book. Does the idea of talking about your book to strangers frighten you? If it does, you may not want to hold a book signing, participate in "author talks," or promote your books to local bookstore owners. Unfortunately, you may miss out on a lot of sales. Remember: The best promoter of your book is not a marketing company, but you. 

4. Fear of networking. It’s important for you to have support from other authors, especially if this is your first time publishing a book. So, why not join groups for authors and writers? Ask questions, meet influencers, offer advice, accept advice. Writers may be shy, but they’re a friendly bunch. They will be more than willing to help you out. 

5. Fear of going spending too much money for publishing. Publishing does not have to be an expensive venture because of the different publishing methods available, including Print On Demand, which allows authors to print as many or as few books as they like at an affordable cost. Check out different offers, including MANA's self-publishing plans.

If you can overcome your fears, 2020 may just be the year that you achieve your goal of becoming a self-published author! 

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