It's Story Time, Again!

Welcome to another Story Time featuring excerpts from books by MANA authors.

This time there will be one new work and one that will be continued from last month.

The new excerpt is from a work by T. Patrick Devlin, Dancer & Other Tattered Threads of PTSD Lives.

This publication is a collection of fictional short stories illustrating how PTSD affects not only the individual experiencing this psychological challenge but how it affects those who care for and love the individual. 

This excerpt is from the short story in the collection entitled "Dancer." For people who may have difficulty understanding why someone they love act and react in certain ways, this work is an excellent entry into the why of PTSD.

Check out a review of the book in a previous blog post by going HERE. 

To preview Dancer & Other Tattered Threads of PTSD Lives, click on the title. 

Now enjoy an excerpt from "Dancer."

Our previous Story Time featured an excerpt from the book, V is for Vegetable by Heather Sisto. In that post, we covered letters A-G. Listen to the excerpt HERE. 

Now, we continue with letters H-M. We hope you and your young ones enjoy this delightful work.

To preview V is for Vegetable, visit the book's webpage HERE

We will continue both of these reading next month. 

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