Thursday, January 3, 2019

Do You Have an Author's Business Card?

If you are an independent author, it's altogether possible to have a chance encounter with a reader who enjoys your book and wants to book you for a speaking engagement. 

What if the person asks you for your contact information? Are you going to get out your smartphone, ask for that person's phone number, input the number into your phone, then send a text message to make sure you have the person's correct number? Instead of using a smartphone, why not simply pull out a business card?

As an author, you may think that you are not a "business owner" so you do not need a "business card." But, think about it, if you are an author, you are a "business person" because you are providing a product to readers and making a profit. A business card is one of several business tools that you can use to promote your books. 

Your Business Card Display

Your business card should display your contact information, such as the following:

• Your name
• Your professional email address
• Your website URL
• Your social media addresses
• Your phone number

If you have an actual business office, you can include our business address. Your home address should remain private unless you already operate a business from your home. 

Having a graphic of your book on your business card is a giant plus, and helps to promote your book.

Adding a Brochure is a Bonus 

You may want to consider printing a brochure to present along with your business card. Yes, even in this digital age, printed brochures are still being used for promotional purposes!

Your brochure can include the following:

• Your background information
• A summary of your book
• Where readers can purchase your book
• Your contact information

As an independent author, it pays to have a business card or brochure ready to hand out. You never know where you might run into a reader. So, be prepared!

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