Friday, October 26, 2018

Not Ready to Have a Full Publishing Plan? Try The MANA Partial

Do you want your manuscript prepared for publishing but are not quite ready for a full publishing plan?  Then, consider "The MANA PARTIAL."

This plan is perfect for writers who want to have their manuscript prepared to go to the next level—only later. 

If you do not have the budget to have copies of your book printed or do not want the other complete features of a publishing plan, The MANA PARTIAL can take care of those needs. 

MANA's service will save you money! The greatest cost is the initial preparation of turning a manuscript into a book. That cost involves layout and artwork and cover designs. 

MANA can have your e-file ready so that you can print or publish your work with any company that you wish.

You can choose three types of services that include:

• Customized layout
• Color covers designed by author (jpg only) or by one of MANA's artists 
• Color drawings (jpg only) by the author or by one of MANA's artists
• Editing and Proofreading (optional)

This is a great opportunity to have your manuscript prepared as an e-file. In six weeks, your manuscript will be ready for publishing.

To find out full details and description of the three services, visit The MANA Partial page HERE

Questions? Contact MANA at

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