Friday, August 17, 2018

Introducing Jewelry Designer Kayla Laird, of Queen Netzo Jewelry

Editor's Note: (MANA) would like to introduce jewelry designer, Ms. Kayla Laird, of Queen Netzo Jewelry. 

Ms. Laird's jewelry is part of MANA's "Gems for the Body and Soul," a unique gift set of customized jewelry and a book from MANA's website. Click HERE to see just a few of Ms. Laird's many jewelry designs. 

Ms. Laird's jewelry is also featured on the "MANA Businesswomen's Pages—Shop Here" where you will see some of the jewelry she customizes for her customers. Read the Q&A below to learn more about Ms. Laird and how to contact her if you are interested in purchasing customized jewelry.

Kayla Laird
MANA: Tell us about your background as a jewelry designer. How did you get started designing jewelry?

Kayla Laird (KL): With the help of my Aunt Myra, I started making jewelry at age of 9. Whenever I would visit my grandparents’ house, she would always be making a new necklace, bracelet, or earrings of some sort. She taught me all the basic techniques I needed to know. 

MANA: How do you create your designs? Do you receive some type of inspiration prior to creating them?
KL: I create my designs by incorporating my own personal style and a mix of inspiration. I do research to find out what the latest trends and fashions are. In addition, I also follow up with the customer to find out what exactly she or he wants. 

MANA: Are there any special skills you have to have to be a jewelry designer?
KL: The special skills you have to have to be a jewelry designer would be to have an eye for detail, artistic ability, patience, concentration, and 3D visualization skills.

MANA: What type of materials do you use to make your jewelry?
KL: I use a variety of different materials like different pliers, wire cutters, metal stamps, beading thread, beading wire, metal, crimping beads, jump rings, clasps, earwires, headpins, and beads to make my jewelry.

MANA: What specific type of jewelry do you design and/or make (For example, necklace, earrings)?
KL: The specific type of jewelry I design/make would be necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, and, most recently, Swarovski Crystal rings. 

MANA: What are your favorite pieces of jewelry to make and/or design and why?
KL: My favorite pieces of jewelry to make/design would have to be necklaces and rings. Designing a necklace allows my creativity to flow in so many different directions when it comes to style, shape, and colors. Making rings are so quick, simple, and easy. As simplistic as it is, I just love wire working and being able to make something so minimalistic, classy, and stylish.

MANA: Do you have any favorite jewelry designers? If so, who are they and why are they your favorite?
KL: I do not have any favorite jewelry designers. Neither do I know any that pop up immediately.

MANA: How do you describe the “style” of your designs (for instance, contemporary, traditional, a combination, or other style)? 
KL: My style of designs would be more of a simplistic classy combination. 

MANA: Do you have specific customers in mind when you design your jewelry pieces?
KL: I only have specific customers in mind when I design their specific piece of jewelry. I look at the hair, clothing, and personality to decide if the design should be bold or simplistic.

MANA: Do you allow customers to customize thier own jewelry? 
KL: I allow customers to customize anything really. If they want to pick out their own color or certain stones, that's perfectly fine and makes the process much easier.

MANA: What are some of your favorite pieces that you have designed? Why are they your favorite pieces?
KL: My favorite pieces of jewelry I have designed would be my Swarovski Crystal Rings. I love how simplistic and classy they are. I custom-size the wire-wrapped ring to the perfect fit. When the Swarovski Crystal hits the light, it is beautiful!

MANA: How did you adopt the name "Queen Netzo?" What does the name mean?
KL: Queen Netzo was actually referring to my mother, Kennette. Her nickname was "Net Net and/or Netzo." My mother was battling breast cancer at the time. To keep my mind off of something so sad, I would pass time by making jewelry. I made jewelry for her as well as everyone helping out around the house. With the help of my dad, the name "Queen Netzo Jewelry" has stuck ever since 2007. I felt the need to keep the name because it reminds me that she will always be the QUEEN in my heart.

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