Thursday, July 12, 2018

Check Out MANA's List of Summer Reads

Summertime is in full swing. So, what better time to spend some fun time at the beach or relax under the shade of a large tree. 

However you choose to enjoy yourself this summer, (MANA) has “Summer Reads” to take along with you. 

MANA has a huge assortment of books that can be read in any season. Here are just a few books of the many books to delve into this Summer. Click on the titles to preview the books on MANA's website:  

To read the first chapter of the book on MANA's Blog Short Story Page, click HERE.

Randy Grames had lived a routine life until the day he found a special box in his yard that would change his life forever. To read previous blog posts about author, Russ Grimes, click HERE

This book contains three short stories entitled “Dad’s TV,” “Dancer,” and “Roadkill.” Each story gives a different perspective of the challenges of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for veterans and those who care about them.

• Redball Mission by T. Patrick Devlin

Think private detective, “Sam Spade,” surviving the killing fields of Vietnam, only to return home and become embroiled in a murder, and that’s Redball Mission. Read the first chapter HERE. 

• Through The Storms by Martha Freudigman

This book is made up of two stories. One is a fictional murder mystery with all of the twists and turns one would expect. The second story is the autobiography of the Ms. Freudigman, who realized her dream—at 85 years old—of becoming an author. 

• Charlie: The Dog Who Lived the Dream by Charmaine Stangl

In this children's book about a very special canine, Charlie's dreams of helping people becomes a reality. The dog's actions also motivate people to care and help others. Through Charlie's adventures, children will learn how to treat people of all ages. 

This book has over 150 inspirational essays and poems about every facet of life. The author takes her reader along a literary journey that she has traveled herself. Whether it's about love, family, or disappointment, you will enjoy these "slices of life" written in poetry form. 

• God’s Gift To Me: I Share With You—Book Two by Doris Zarzycki 

The author returns with over 220 prose and poems that elicit words of wisdom that will bring peace to anyone who reads this work. To read a blog post about Doris Zarzycki  and to sample a poem from this book, click HERE.

• Selling Memories: Poems and Tales for My Grandchildren When They Grow Up by Rita Gitik

Go HERE to read, “Seven Septets,” a poem from the book. Go HERE to preview the book. 

• Lonely Girl Diaries by Laura Wade

A woman details her experiences in a series of diary entries when her husband of more than 20 years leaves her for another woman. Lonely Girl Diaries is not just for women who may have had the same or similar experience. This book is for friends and family that do not understand why “she just doesn’t walk away.” 

MANA has many more books available. To see other books that MANA has to offer, visit our website:

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