Contribute to MANA's 2018 Blog Continuous Short Story and Help "Humble Design-Fueled by U-Haul"

After enjoying much success over the past five years, (MANA) will continue its annual fundraiser that helps non-profit organizations provide services to those in need. MANA does not ask for monetary contributions, but asks instead for written contributions to MANA’s Blog Continuous Short Story. 

MANA and its parent company, Robbie Dean Press, have supported various charitable projects over the years through posts on "MANA's Blog Continuous Short Story.” Click HERE to read the 2017 Blog Continuous Short Story.

The designated charity for 2018 is "Humble Design-Fueled by U-Haul." U-Haul International and Humble Design have teamed up to create a non-profit organization that helps families transition out of homeless shelters and into homes, according to the non-profit's website. 

Humble Design-Fueled by U-Haul accepts donated household goods to provide furnishings and design services that turns an empty house into a clean, dignified and welcoming home. The non-profit has been featured on NBC Nightly News. Based in Pontiac, Michigan, Humble Design-Fueled by U-Haul has locations in Chicago and Detroit, and plans to open locations in San Diego and Seattle.

According to Humble Design-Fueled by U-Haul, about up to half of all families become homeless again within one year of leaving shelters, but that number sharply declines to 1 percent for families who receive Humble Design—Fueled by U-Haul's services, the organization says on its website. To learn more about Humble Design-Fueled by U-Haul, visit the organization's website at: Click HERE to read an article about the organization.

Now, here is how "MANA's Blog Continuous Short Story" works: 

1. The photo in the upper-left hand side of this blog post serves as a prompt. The first person to post can write five sentences or more based on the photo prompt. 

2. The next writer should add to the story of the first post. After that, every writer should add to the story of the previous writer.

3. For every 10 posts of five sentences or more, MANA will donate $10 (up to $500) to Humble Design-Fueled by U-Haul.

This activity is twofold: It provides money to an organization that helps homeless families transition from a shelter into a furnished home,and will allow an opportunity for you to be a part of a creative experience. 

To post your comments, look for the word, "COMMENTS" below this post and click on it. You will be able to add your comments to the page as many times as you would like. Also, encourage others to post so that you can release your creativity and help families get furniture for their homes in 2018!

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