Thursday, January 4, 2018

10 Book Publishing and Marketing Trends For 2018

Are you planning on publishing your book in 2018? Or do you already have a book but need help in marketing your work? If you're planning to either publish or marketing your book,  MANA has a round-up of 10 book publishing and marketing trends and predictions for 2018:

1. What will kids be reading in 2018? Scholastic editors issue five predictions about what children's book trends will be popular and successful next year. Read more >

2. Are e-books still popular? With more e-books on the market now than ever before, does this mean there is more competition? Read more >

3. Will audiobooks continue to find an audience in 2018? Read more >

4. Here are 15 trends to watch out for in 2018? Read more >

5. The Independent Book Publishers Association has also weighed in on the 2018 trends. Read more > 

6. Literary agent, John Cusick, tells what's trending in the young adult book market. Read more >

7. Are indie authors losing their independence? Mark Coker thinks so and he traces the end of indie author independence to a specific date: December 8, 2011. Read more to find out what happened on that day. 

8. Is your author website optimized for mobile phones? Read more >

9. So, what's trending in book cover designs in 2018? Read more >

10. Would you give up your book's print and audio rights to a traditional book publisher? Literary Agent, Alice Lutyens, gives her opinion about the issue. Read more >

Do you know of other book publishing or book marketing trends for 2018? If so, let us know.

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