Thursday, November 23, 2017

Introducing MANA's Businesswomen's Website Page and New Blog

To support businesswomen and encourage them in their efforts, (MANA) has set up the MANA Businesswomen's Pages-Shop Here! to promote merchandise and services of female entrepreneurs. 

MANA's Businesswomen's Pages-Shop Here! can offer:

• Your company's own web page on the MANA website. It will showcase your products or provide a link to your site where sales take place. MANA receives NO ROYALTY. You earn 100% of the sales. 

• E-Commerce on your webpage on the MANA site if your company does not have a website. Again, MANA receives NO ROYALTY. You earn 100% of the sales. 

• Beginning November 24 (Black Friday), your company receives THREE MONTHS of promoting your business pages via MANA's social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest; The MANA Sunriser blog, and The MANA HARVESTER, MANA's digital newsletter. 

The cost is $149.95  There is no long-term commitment. 

Among the custom works featured on the MANA Businesswomen's Pages-Shop Here page, are the following:  
• Antiques from My Country Home. Located in Burton, Michigan, this small enclave just outside of Flint, holds special treasures of antiques of all sizes with smaller items that can be sold separately. 

• Classy Arts by Camara. These special wreaths can be custom designed and turned into special holiday gifts for a favorite friend, or a teacher, nurse, doctor, dentist or someone in another profession. 

• Jewelry by QueenNetzo. Ms. Kayla Lairs, better known as QueenNetzo, designs jewelry by customers' request. Whatever idea customers can envision, QueenNetzo can bring a total life of beauty for the customers and to whomever she wants to give the design. 

• African-American Cultural Workshops presented by Vicki Shields. Ms. Shields has made her presentation on this key subject, providing impactful content. Her workshops are for the professional development of teachers. And others are for the enhancement of all children's appreciation for the many contributions by African Americans in the U.S. and abroad.

So, check out MANA's Businesswomen's Page-Shop Here by clicking HERE to see the requirements for setting up your webpage and continue to visit MANA's Businesswomen's Blog for updates. 
MANA is promoting this page in conjunction with launching the "MANA's Businesswomen's Blog," a blog dedicated to providing relevant information for female entrepreneurs. The blog will feature interviews of businesswomen, articles on business trends, business-related books, and other features. is a company that provides publishing, marketing, and distribution services and more to authors and companies representing authors.


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