Wednesday, September 6, 2017

"GRANDDADDY" By Cavis Adams — MANA's Book of the Month

As a way to introduce to a new audience, MANA will feature a “Book of the Month” written by one of MANA’s authors.

MANA’s Book of the Month feature is not the traditional subscription-based book service in which members pay for and receive a new book each month. MANA plans to promote a book by a MANA author through its various media channels. Readers may preview and purchase a book on the book’s web page.

Our inaugural book for September 2017 is Granddaddy, a “coming of age” work by first-time author, Cavis Adams. The author masterfully interweaves the method of stream of consciousness to tell the story of the developing relationship between Granddaddy Jeremiah Hunter, who lives in rural Alabama, and his grandson, Curtis, a youngster from Minnesota.  

Other stories are interwoven implementing stream of consciousness with such skill that the reader cannot help but understand the underlying pain and challenges that Curtis’s parents experience as individuals and as a couple. The unifying element is the spiritual strength that Jeremiah Hunter offers throughout the novel. 

As a special offer, purchase a copy of Granddaddy, and receive $5 off the price of another book on's website. A $5 rebate check will be sent to you after purchase of the book, Granddaddy.

Click HERE to read a Q&A with Cavis Adams.

Click HERE to preview Granddaddy on the book's webpage.

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