Saturday, July 1, 2017

Start Shopping Early For Christmas! Give The Gift Of Gems for the Body and Soul (MANA) has an offer that's perfect for those looking for a unique Christmas gift. MANA has partnered with jewelry designer Kayla Laird of QueenNetzo to produce a first-ever offer of jewelry and books that we call: “Gems For the Body and Soul.” 

How this works

The jewelry. Ms. Laird will design your jewelry pieces based on your order by request:

• Necklace and matching earrings
• Necklace and matching bracelet
• Necklace and matching bracelet and earrings
• Bracelet and matching earrings
• Single stone necklace

You may base your request on several samples shown on MANA’s webpage and ask for a different color or colors. Send an e-mail to MANA ( indicating the number that is next to the photo on MANA’s website. Or you can share with Ms. Laird a design you have in mind.

The books. Complete the unique combination by placing an order of any book (e-book or print) on the MANA website. On MANA’s website you’ll find books for children, historical buffs, religious works, inspirational poetry, just to name a few. To make certain that MANA can fulfill your request, place the names of three books in order of importance for you. This is being done to make sure that you will receive your completed combination in a timely manner.

To order

Prices for the combination jewelry set and book range from $55 to $74. After paying for the combination on MANA’s website, email your book choices to:

So, put in your order for your jewelry and your book of choice today! Get started by clicking HERE to go to MANA’s "Gems for the Body and Soul" webpage.

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