Saturday, June 10, 2017

Get Your Book Promoted Through the MANA Cover Page!

When it comes to promoting your book, your book cover is just as important as the content inside. With that in mind, it’s important that potential readers see your book cover in multiple places online. 
As a way of helping authors increase their book’s visibility, MANA is offering an ongoing marketing and promotional service called, “MANA Cover Page.” This promotion allows you to add your book cover to MANA’s website and visitors who click on the cover are linked to the website of your choice. MANA takes no royalties for this service. 
The MANA Cover Page is economical for authors on a tight budget. As part of MANA’s introductory special, you can pay $50 a month for a minimum of 3 months (total: $150) to place your cover on MANA’s site which consistently has worldwide visitors. This bargain price originally lasted until June 15. But as a way to celebrate MANA’s 15th anniversary and to get the word out on this new service, MANA has extended the offer until June 30! On July 1, the costs increase to $100 per month (3-month minimum) for a total cost of $300.
So, take advantage today and start promoting your book to readers around the world! Click HERE to check out a preview of the MANA Cover Page. Questions? Contact MANA at

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