Thursday, January 19, 2017

MANA's Special Self-Publishing Sale!

Will this be your year to self-publish your book? If so, MANA wants to help you as much as possible to accomplish your book-publishing goal in 2017. From now to February 19, MANA has a special offer for all authors who want to see their manuscript turn into a printed book or E-book. 

If your manuscript is no more than 30,000 words, you can have your book published for $1,250 or $1,300, depending on the plan you choose. What's more, you can pay in minimal installments for up to 13 months and receive the following services:

• Proofreading
• Editing
• Customized designed color covers
• Webpage on website for a year 
• E-commerce, acceptance of major credit cards and electronic checks
MANA will begin work on your manuscript after the first $600 is paid. Once the full amount is paid, with your approval of the final galley, the galley will go to the printer. 

Fifty (50) copies will be printed; these copies include the books that will be sold by MANA and the author. More copies will be printed whenever you request and prepay for additional copies.

Your Post-Holiday 2017 Special Self-Publishing Sale price of $1,250 or $1,300 depends on the payment installment plan that you choose:

CHOICE A: Non-refundable installments of $100 a month up to 13 months
CHOICE B: Non-refundable installments of $250 every two months up to 12 months

You can pay off your plan early at anytime. 

LOCK-IN PRICE PLAN: If your manuscript has more than 30,000 words, you can take advantage of this plan by making a down payment of $500. You will have up to a year to pay for your publishing plan and have the work published. From Feb. 1, 2017 to Feb. 1, 2018, your down payment will lock in the price of any MANA Publishing Plan you choose. 

NOTE: The Special Self-Publishing Sale cannot be combined with any other special offer given or any other plan offerings by MANA.

Ready to get started? Then contact MANA today at or call us at 734-975-0028. 

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