Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's Not Too Late To Promote Your Book And Get Holiday Sales!

You've been tweeting on Twitter, posting on Facebook, sapping photos for Instagram, and updating your blog. Unfortunately, you still haven't had any sales during this holiday season. Well, it's possible that you need to find other ways to increase your reach and build up your audience. 

Books sales were strong in 2015, rising 2.8% in 2015 over 2014, which saw a 2.4% increase book sales. Book sales are expected to increase in 2016. So, there's an audience out there for you. But how do you find them?

Finding new readers takes time and effort. The following are a few ideas that may get you started as you look for other ways and methods to advance your sales:

1. Offer your book at a discount. Chances are you're receiving texts or emails daily from retailers promoting some kind of discounts. Buyers love sales. So, take a cue from the retailers. Rather than keeping your book at regular price, offer your book at a discount.  Make sure however, you set the discount at a rate that will help you pay the expenses for producing your book. 

2. Promote your book at community events. What better way to promote your book but in your own community? Look for holiday bazaars, craft shows, book fairs, winter festivals and other events. Contact organizers that are still seeking vendors for their events and ask if you may participate. Not only is this an opportunity to sell your book, it's also an opportunity for you to meet new people and network in your own community. Who knows what this may lead to in the future?

3. Write articles on your book topic. If your book tackles a problem that plagues many people, such as an illness, weight gain, depression due to the holidays, find websites, blogs, online forums, magazines or journals that report on those problems. Determine which of those platforms would have the audience that you believe would be interested in your book. Pitch the idea to publishers and ask if they would post your article. If their production schedule is already full, post the articles on your own website or post excerpts on your social media pages.

4. Become a Media Source. TV and radio programs are always looking for local experts. Send out press releases or offer your expertise to editors or reporters. Many authors decide to become a source at Help A Report Out (there are free and paid subscriptions).

5. Connect with other authors for cross promotion. Trending now in the publishing industry are two or more authors who are packaging their books into collections, or keeping them separate, and promoting them to their own followers on their websites or social media platforms. Authors and bloggers connect with sites such as World Literary Cafe and Goodreads for blog tours and cross-promotional events.  

6. Create something new. Brian Jud, Executive Director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales, has written an insight post about going beyond the traditional methods and tapping into your own creativity to sell your book. In his post, Seven Ways to Find New Book-Marketing Ideas, Brian Jud gives authors permission to abandon traditional methods and create new solutions: "Traditions often block potential innovations because people are reluctant to abandon the tried-and-true. But when conditions change, so must traditions."

Implementing new ways to promote your book means making new contacts or reconnecting with old contacts. The point is that you are promoting your book through word-of-mouth, and studies show that word-of-mouth is just as effective, if not more, as traditional marketing. 

It's the holiday season. Try something new and different. Who knows, you may give a Christmas gift to yourself of becoming a best-selling author!  


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