Thursday, October 6, 2016

MANA Offers Educational Resource Package For Teachers

If you are a teacher, you're frequently looking for new resources to use for your students.

 If you are interested in finding something new, then look no further than (MANA). 

We support educators and strive to help them in any way we can, whether it’s assisting them in their self-publishing efforts through MANA, or their traditional publishing efforts through MANA's parent company, Robbie Dean Press, or donating a percentage to the author's school, college or organization, and other endeavors. 

With that in mind, MANA is now offering Online Resources For All Teachers whether seasoned or new, elementary or secondary, college or university. We have something for everyone. MANA’s Online Resources For All Teachers contains photos, podcasts, grammar exercises, poetry readings, a literary journal, book excerpts, and much, much more!

These online resources are not based on theory, but were selected–and have been used–by a college professor who has taught middle school, community college and four-year college students as well as functioned as a supervisor of student teachers. So these resources are the type of materials that can be used many times for various purposes.
The following is a partial list of resources contained in the Online Resources For All Teachers package:

  (350+ pages) 

• 2 Pass-Protected sites that include such materials as:
   * 8th edition and 7th edition of MLA
   * 6th edition of APA
   * 32 color photos
   * 10 audios of interpretive readings of poems 
   * list of commonly misspelled words
   * list of irregular verbs
   * several samples of themes
   * several samples research papers
   * podcasts covering different grammatical common errors
   * podcasts covering argumentation and setting up citations

• 6 months of consultation to help provide suggestions for using the materials

Click HERE for a complete list of resources in the MANA Online Resources For All Teachers. 

Each Online Resource 1 and Online Resource 2 are $24.95 each. Get Online Resource 1 and 2 for only $34.95! Upon successful purchase you will receive a valid password to access the Password Protected resource pages. (Note: There is an additional shipping/processing fee of $5.60 for every purchase) 

Click HERE to visit the Online Resources For All Teachers web page. 

Whether you’re an educator, writer or both, MANA has much to offer! Questions? Call us at (734) 975-0028 or via email at


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