Sunday, July 10, 2016

Robbie Dean Press Celebrating 25th Anniversary With Free Consultation

Robbie Dean Press (RDP) continues to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a free 25-minute consultation with writers and small publishers who are seemingly hitting roadblocks. 

RDP, the parent company of and a traditional textbook publishing company, began on July 13, 1991. No company lasts for 25 years or even 14 without you, the customers. So, we want to give back to you! 

Click HERE to check out a previous blog to find out about the year-long specials in honor of RDP. From now until July 13, take advantage of FREE consultation (a $125 value).

• Are you a writer, stuck or facing writer's block? MANA can help!

• Are you a college professor wanting to get a work published that will benefit your 
  students and key textbook publishers tell you "your market is too small"? RDP can help!

• Are you a writer who wants to know how to become published? MANA can help!

• Are you frustrated by contacting so many publishers? MANA can help!

• Are you a small publisher that needs a little support? MANA can help! 

Then take advantage of our free consultation. Read more to find out how RDA and MANA can help:

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