Friday, July 22, 2016

MANA's FYI Fridays Podcast

Editor's Note: To find out more about the "Five, Fast, Five-Minute Podcasts" From RDP/MANA's Dr. C, click HERE. 

MANA's Dr. C. answers your questions about authors, sandwiched entrepreneurs, online educators, or people who are stomped over grammar or punctuation and may be too shy to ask.

Listen to Dr. C's podcasts on Monday through Friday over the next five weeks. If you have questions about these topics, ask Dr. C. and she will answer your question in MANA's FYI Friday's' Podcast. Email Dr. C. with your questions:

Be sure to check the MANA Sunriser Blog to listen to the 5-minute podcasts that you missed this week. In the meantime, listen to MANA's FYI Fridays podcast below: 

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