Friday, July 1, 2016

It's Time To Clear Your Roadblock!

If you’re an author, what is the biggest self-imposed roadblock that you face? It’s that small voice that whispers in your ear and says, “Who are you to think that you can write a book?”
Most authors have heard that familiar voice. However, those words can and should be ignored. Why? Because you have an important message that only you can share. No one has a story exactly like yours. So, it’s important that you, the author, tell your unique story and write your book from your own perspective. 
When you fully understand this, you’ll free yourself of your self-imposed roadblock. You’ll also attract your perfect audience—those readers who “get” you because they can relate to the words that you have written. Your readers will take your work and help spread your message far and wide. 
But first you have to determine what your story is and why it matters. Some examples of an author’s personal story include:
• The weight-loss coach who turned her life around by losing 100 pounds and now offers encouragement and support to women who struggle with their weight. 
• The business coach who struggled for years to get her own business off the ground, and who now has a unique ability to see past the roadblocks that hold her clients back.
• The small business owner who discovered a new marketing method that tripled her income, and now wants to share it with other small business owners.
Your story can be one of overcoming a traumatic experience,  an internal mindset shift, or even a very personal “why” behind your passion. Whatever it is, it’s uniquely yours, and when you allow it to radiate through your book, you’ll instantly get around the roadblock you set up for yourself and reach your book publishing goals.

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