Sunday, July 17, 2016

Introducing the Free, Fast, Five-Minute Podcasts!

If you are an author, entrepreneur, educator or interested in grammar, our “Free, Fast, Five-Minute Podcasts” are just for you. Visit our MANA Sunriser Blog over the next five weeks to hear advice, tips, and insights from Dr. Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, also known as Dr. C, MANA's writing coach. 

Dr. C. is an author, editor, college professor, and owner of Robbie Dean Press (RDP), which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. RDP is the parent company of (MANA). The podcast series is  one of many ways the companies are celebrating RDP's anniversary this year. 

The podcasts are aimed at aspiring and seasoned authors, entrepreneurs who find themselves “sandwiched” in between taking care of their children and their parents, online educators, grammarians, an anyone with questions about the above topics.
The podcasts are scheduled for Monday through Friday and will cover the following: 

Monday: For Serious Aspiring or Seasoned Authors

Tuesday: MANA’s Method of Madness for the Striving Sandwiched Entrepreneur 

Wednesday: For Online Educators Keeping Students On-the-Line

Thursday: MANA’s Grammar/Punctuation “Gotcha” Corner

Friday: FYI Fridays. Ask any questions related to authors, sandwiched entrepreneurs, online educators, or those wanting to know about a grammatical/punctuation “stumper.” Send your questions to Dr. C at

Click HERE to read a previous post about other offers for RDP's 25th anniversary.  

We hope you enjoy the “Free, Fast, Five-Minute Podcasts.” Ready to get started? Click HERE to listen to the “Serious Aspiring or Seasoned Authors" podcast. 

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