Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Introducing MANA's Customized Writing Workshop

There are highs and lows and joys and pains of writing. To help you overcome the lows and find joys in the highs, MarketingNewAuthors (MANA) is offering a writing workshop specifically customized for you. 

MANA’s “One-Hour Customized Writer’s Workshop for Serious Writers” is a chance for you to have all of your questions answered about your work on a one-to-one basis. The workshop starts with you choosing the dates which are best for you:

• July 17, 18, 19, or 20

Next, you choose the medium that’s best for you:

• Telephone
• Podcast
• Skype
• If in Ann Arbor, Michigan area (where MANA is based), dinner or luncheon at the Four-Star Weber’s Inn
Once you establish the date and medium, your customized workshops will include:

• Written responses to your fictional work (editing and proofreading, if requested, too). Suggestions will be made to enhance presentation of character development, plot, description of scenes, and effectiveness of dialogue in your work.

• Written responses to your non-fictional work or textbook manuscript (editing and proofreading, if requested, too). Suggestions will be made to enhance the work's introduction and the first 50 pages of work

• An opportunity for you to respond and have an oral dialogue (no more than an hour) with the MANA staff member critiquing your work

• An opportunity to have your prose or poetry (shorter pieces) published in the next edition of MANA’s online writer’s newsletter, THE MANA SUNSET, which is read by national and international audiences

As a bonus, you may access MANA’s 15-lesson online publishing and marketing course on MANA’s website, including all resources and materials, for a reduced cost from $299 to $199.

Now you can have your own personalized workshop without leaving the comfort of your home, unless you want to enjoy a delicious meal at Weber’s Inn. Deadline to register for the “One-Hour Customized Writer's Workshop for Serious Writers” is July 9, 2016. Register by e-mail at info@marketingnewauthors.com.

After registering, send the first 50 pages of the fiction or nonfiction manuscript (Microsoft Word only) that you want to discuss by emailing MANA at info@marketingnewauthors.com.

Cost of workshop is $299.00 (after deadline prices to change without notice). MANA accepts checks, money orders, and all major credit cards. The first 10 registrants will receive a special gift!

Questions? Contact MarketingNewAuthors.com at  

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