Saturday, April 9, 2016

"Story Of A Heartache" By Doris A. Zarzycki

Editor's Note: In honor of April as National Poetry Month, we are highlighting poetry from MANA authors.

You think you can't get over a heartache.
Somehow you do survive,
Even if you made a mistake,
Be glad you got out of it alive.

Remember the part that was good.
Don't berate yourself the blame
You tried the best that you could.
In the end, you lost
It seems such a shame.

For every heartache,
There's a lesson to be learned.
Don't make the same mistake again.
Why do you want to keep getting burned?

One thing about a heartache,
You may think you are going to die.
But you don't, you keep on living.
You are not sure why.

From the book, God's Gift to Me,  I Share With You–Book 1 by Doris Zarzycki
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