Saturday, January 16, 2016

Robbie Dean Press Turns 25!

We are pleased to announce that Robbie Dean Press LLC (RDP), the parent company of (MANA), is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Robbie Dean Press is a traditional publishing company that focuses on college texts and manuscripts with unique subjects. 

In 1991, Robbie Dean Press began with a staff of one, now it has a strong staff of printers, web designer/manager, artists, graphic designers, layout tech, marketing associate, student intern, and a review board for both Robbie Dean Press and MANA. In honor of its 25th anniversary, Robbie Dean Press will offer celebratory discounts and donations for the entire year of 2016: 

Books – Purchase one book at full price and receive 25% off the price of the second book.  
  A rebate check will be immediately sent with shipped orders.
• Self-Publishing Plans and Marketing Plans – 25% off the cost of all plans
• All Services – 25% off the cost of all services
• For Traditional Textbook Services – 25% donation of all sales of the instructor's text to 
  the college or charity of the author's choice

All quality textbook manuscripts submitted to Robbie Dean Press will undergo a review by the Robbie Dean Press Review Board. We like to have as much manuscript material as possible in order to accurately assess the potential of your book. We are capable of publishing your classroom materials to your specifications. 

Robbie Dean Press has the trademark motto – DETERMINED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE and the company wants to make that difference for all of its customers and MANA, too!  

Do you have a textbook that you want published by a traditional publisher? Contact us by filling out the Contact Form on the Robbie Dean Press website at, or email us at, or call us at 734-973-9511.

In the meantime, check out the books, Self-Publishing Plans, Marketing Plans and other resources on MANA's Website at and start taking advantage of the 25% anniversary special today!

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