Saturday, December 19, 2015

MANA's Latest Release: "The Medici Heirs" by Rita J.Scott

Many who study the Italian Renaissance know of Guiliano de Medici. However, do they know about the tales involving his heirs, especially Juliana? If not, they will after reading a new e-Book titled, The Medici Heirs by Rita J. Scott.

The interwoven tale spun in The Medici Heirs intrigues and captivates the imagination of those who relish this golden age of the arts and the mysterious legacy of the family of the Medici. In The Medici Heirs, readers meet the members of the Medici Family as well as Dr. Juliana Smith, a Medici heir, who lives in London but does not yet know her royal legacy. 
Juliana is plagued by what she calls a fiend, “in human shape.” Juliana finds the fiend an annoyance, yet this creature has been in her world for many years and it can take on other shapes. The fiend and Juliana are a major part of this narrative as the work interweaves the 16th century and 20th century.
Juliana accepts a job to translate the legal documents written in Latin into English and develop a summary of the work. She learns more about the Medici family through these documents. 
Juliana is very close to her grandmother, Dr. Catherine Schmidt, a retired pediatrician, who is living in Three Chesnuts, a private retirement, historical residence. Greed rears its ugly head when Juliana’s mother,  unsuccessfully attempts to have her mother, Dr. Schmidt declared mentally incompetent in order to take control of her money. 
Juliana also learns a secret about her mother. However, because of Juliana's dealings with the fiend and her "red dreams," her mother places her in a psychiatric facility. It is this part of the story that reveals the true strength of this protagonist. The author brilliantly shows, not tells, the struggles Juliana has with the invisible creatures: 
I was being pursued by faceless red creatures, led by my mother. "Don't run away. There is no need to be scared," they screamed. "We are acting in your best interests. It's not good for you to stay with old sick people. We are taking you home. Trust us! You'll be safe in our care."
The fiend was floating over them shouting at me, "I told you not to go to Firenze. Stick to your own business. It doesn't matter what you find; you'll never be ale to prove anything. Remember: You are in England, and privacy is sacred. Even the Holy Inquisition won't help you."
 I kept running and falling again and again in the red mud. I was filthy. The mud caked in thick, itchy crust on my skin, but I could not clean myself. There was no time; my mother and her gang were closing on me, and I had to keep running through dense red fog under blazing red sun.
This female “cuckoo’s nest” introduces unique characters as well as the fiend to contribute to Juliana’s own discovery about her true ability to claim and maintain her sanity against many forces that, at times, seem overwhelming.
To read excerpts from The Medici Heirs e-Book, check out the MANA Short Story Series by clicking HERE. To purchase the The Medici Heirs e-Book, click HERE

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