Thursday, November 12, 2015

We're Going To The NCTE! (MANA) plans to attend the National Council of Teachers of English Convention from November 20-22 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

MANA is the marketing company and distributor for various publications, including those of its parent company, Robbie Dean Press LLC (RDP), a traditional publishing company. RDP focuses on college texts and/or manuscripts with unique subject matter.  

Dr. Gregory R. Shafer, an author of three RDP textbooks, will receive a 2015 NCTE Honorable Mention for the Edward M. Hopkins Award. 

MANA exhibits books for educators from K-college—V is for Vegetables (for children) to adult works like Propaganda—American Style: A Textbook for Critical Thinkers.

Some of the books that will be exhibited at Booth 205 include: 

All About Jane by Carrie Mattern—this narrative is set in a midwestern city which dramatically chronicles the pain, pathos, and results of bullying. Discussion questions are at the end of the book that should get pre-teens and teens talking and really thinking of the consequences of this act and how they may be change agents. For ages 12+.

A Soldier’s Poetic Response: A Slice of His Life by Captain Adrian D. Massey—this poetry collec- tion by this soldier of the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars covers more than issues of the war; they il- lustrate this soldier’s reflections before, during, and after his tours of duty. For ages 16+.

Bare Essentials: A Handbook for Beginner Writers, 15th ed. by Fairy C. Hayes-Scott, Ph.D.—this extremely comprehensive handbook, covering the very basics of parts of speech to the more so- phisticated instructions of writing research papers, is the result of years of continuous input by Dr. Fairy’s college English students. For ages 14+.

Becoming Me Again: A Workbook for Sexually-Abused Kids and Teens by Sharon Ridella-Mehlos,Ph.D.—this workbook provides practical healing exercises and points for discussion that can aid in the healing of the abused and aid teachers and parents who work and live with these young people. For ages 10+.
• Marvin’s Lump by Jennifer Weil—this nicely-illustrated book addresses the insecurities that many young people experience; it is a good antidote to the low-self esteem many young children feel; the positive energy of the ending leaves children empowered and feeling good. For ages 6 to 10.

Process and Voice: In The Writing Workshop, 3rd ed. by Gregory R. Shafer, D.A. this college text serves freshmen students and teachers in high school and college by encouraging students to explore creatively various forms of writing while writing expository and argumentative prose. 

Propaganda – American Style: A Textbook for Critical Thinkers by Gregory R. Shafer, D.A. – this college text answers the demand by educators for a work that challenges students to analyze, not just acquiesce, and to be able to listen to both sides of an issue and synthesize the information presented and develop their own answers to controversy of all kinds with informed responses.

Revelation, Resignation, Restoration: A Woman’s Story of Triumph for All Women by Cherisa Allen,M.S.W.—this is a powerful work that should be a must-read for every young girl or woman who has experienced domestic, emotional, sexual, and/or verbal abuse; it is a work that educators can use that will stimulate conversations in high school and college classrooms that must take place to provide a medicine for these social diseases of abuse. [The author has set up a production in which women do dramatic readings from the book. One reading can be found on the MANA BLOG; contact MANA for the exact URL.]

Teenagers: Unlocking Personal Power by Midge Patzer—this work is for junior high and high school teachers who have parents come to them seeming totally perplexed as to how to cope with their budding “want-to-be” independent adolescents, this is the book to recommend; as teacher you will be loved by every parent you recommend or give this book.

V is for Vegetable by Heather Sisto—in an effort to foster an appreciation for healthy food choices, this author has created a beautifully-photographed publication for children; it is an excellent teaching tool for children to learn their alphabets and learn about the different vegetables that are a part of healthy world.

Worldwide Evil and Misery by Robin de Ruiter and Fritz Springmeier—this work, banned in France, chronicles the development of the New World Order, that aims to crush humanity; “the world is run by unseen powers who pull the strings from behind the scenes. Approximately, 300 men that know each other and that appoint their successors themselves determine the fate of this world”; this publication will change the way readers see history and the world.

All of these books can be found on's website. If you are planning to attend the NCTE Convention, stop by our Booth #205 and say, "Hello"!

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