Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"The Bugle Calls" by Captain Adrian D. Massey

(For CPT Terrance Wright,  1LT Jeremy Wolfe, and our Fallen Comrades

Having been a witness at the windows of your soul, 
where we shared goals, dreams and life stories, 
I listened to you speaking of wanting to marry and have children. 
I watched your silent faith speak volumes. 
Having been even prepared for war, 
no one is prepared to lose a friend and comrade like this. 
Although your journey shortened, 
a Solider's soul never dies.
A flag is folded for you, 
and the bugle's tone vibrates
similar to your spirit in the air; 
it never ceases, always plays.
You are remembered and respected
as I pray for you, having been a witness
at the windows of your soul.
Tears run sharply down my face and theirs, 
my hand goes sharply up,
fingers to the corner of my right brow.
Young paratrooper, you are remembered.

From the book, A Soldier's Poetic Response, A Slice of His Life... by Captain Adrian D. Massey

Click HERE for more information about the book. 

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