Friday, July 10, 2015

MANA Is Accepting Submissions For Manuscripts on Patriotism, Military and Outdoors

Do you have a fiction or non-fiction book on the military or patriotism? 

Are you an angler and have a fascinating story about the one that you actually caught, instead of the one that got away? 

Do you have safety tips on mountain climbing, ziplining, camping or other outdoor activities?

More importantly, did you ever say you were going to "one day" write a book  on your experiences or research? 

If so, (MANA) is accepting submissions of manuscripts on he subjects of patriotism, military and outdoors in July and August. 

Whether it's a manuscript on your or a loved one's military service or your research on past patriotic movements, or your experience as a professional guide for outdoor activities or as an outdoor enthusiast, your work may just be what others need. 

MANA offers a 20% discount off the cost of any self-publishing plan with only $250 down. MANA's plans include editing, proofreading, an author's web page on MANA's web site, e-commerce services, digital marketing, printing, cover designs and color covers. However, MANA can tailor a plan to fit your budget. 

MANA also offers a Print-On-Demand service and publishes print books and E-books.

What's more, MANA gives authors a 70% royalty for every copy sold!

Take advantage of this special offer by checking out the self-publishing plans MANA offers on the website.

Then, submit your manuscript via email to MANA at

Then visit the MANA Months web page on the website and submit a non-refundable down payment of $250.

For more information, contact MANA at or call us at 734-975-0028.

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