Monday, May 4, 2015

Cruising Through A Creative Writing Course

Cruises have specific destinations. So, do academic courses. Dr. C, a community college professor, decided to take a different approach to teaching her weekly creative writing course. For starters, Dr. C. used the metaphor of a cruise for her course which began in January. Instead of referring to herself as the "professor," Dr. C served as the captain of a "crew," which were members of her digital class. Dr. C's goal was to prepare her crew (students) to work on his or her own cruise line (improve their writing skills and complete the course). 

Each week, Dr. C documented her crew's adventures of trying new forms of writing in a blog (that can be read by clicking HERE). Prior to the cruise ship docking (the course ending), Dr. C published a collection of short stories, plays and poems for adults and children that were written by her crew members. Community College Students' Literary Collage is now available for purchase through MANA. Read a sample of the collection below. Not only are students benefiting from their experience, 70 percent of profits made from the sale of the collection will go the Humanities Division of the college.

Dr. C's Academic Creative Writing Cruise is an example for educators, teaching on any academic level, to take course and turn it into a creative experience for yourself and your students. And, having your students become published authors is a bonus. 

If you are an educator and would like more information about adding a new "twist" to your courses, Dr. C can be reached via MANA at purchase Community College Students' Literary Collage click HERE.

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