Friday, August 2, 2013

Introducing Author Richard S. Rose, First Place MANA Contest Winner (MANA) welcomes Richard S. Rose to the MANA Family. Rose was the First Prize winner of MANA's 2013 Sunrise Writer's Contest for his work, Did You Ever Try to Melt A Lemon Drop? And Other Tales of Life Seen Through Rose-Colored Glasses. 

Richard Rose has been writing for over 70 years. Rose  was a journalist while in the Navy and spent 18 years working in public relations, writing news releases, feature stories, and speeches for admirals. While in Vietnam, he shepherded Navy  journalists, photographers, and photo journalist school graduates. Rose spent time in the Mekong Delta, writing feature stories on various Navy units. He earned bachelor's and master's degrees in English after retiring from the Navy. 

MANA: How did you become a writer?

Richard Rose: I became interested in High School, and just continued writing. I became a Navy Journalist and continued writing.

MANA: What influenced you to write your collection of short stories?

RR: I had a Creative Writing emphasis while working on my post -graduate degree.

MANA: Is there a short story that is your favorite? Why?

RR: More Than Love is Larry, because, despite its  downbeat ending, it is an experiment in sequential points of view. (That's one written by me. ) Otherwise De Maupesant's, The Necklace. 

MANA: Which one of the short stories that you have in the work you submitted to MANA is your favorite? 
RR: I listed the wrong title of my favorite – It's Point of View (The alternate title of More Than Love is Larry. I haven't decided which title I like more.)

MANA:  If you have been published before, what is the name of your first publication? 

RR: Moveable Forts & Magazines: A Novel of Vietnam, which was my Masters Thesis. It was printed by AuthorHouse in 2001, and reprinted as Tarnished Brass Curtain: A Novel of Vietnam in 2011, printed by CreateSpace. 

MANA: So, are you working on any other collection of short stories or a long novel?

RR: No. I just self-published Vietnam Through Rose-Colored Glasses through Create Space in December. That was a collection of commentaries, editorials, newsletter articles, doggerel verse from Saigon, and a couple of short stories. I still hold all the rights. I'll have to check to see if either was in the manuscript I sent you.

MANA: What advice would you give to other writers who are not sure whether to enter a writing contest?
RR: If the fees aren't too high, enter. Tarnished Brass Curtain was a co-winner in the 2011 Indie Excellence Awards, in the Military Fiction Category.

Did You Ever Try to Melt A Lemon Drop? And Other Tales of Life Seen Through Rose-Colored Glasses is a collection of short stories covering a mixture of themes, some dealing with war. All of the stories, however, deal with the discovering of the self.
Richard Rose's book is now available for purchase for $12.95 on's web site. To find out more about this book or to order a copy, go to

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