Thursday, January 10, 2013

Say Goodbye to Writer's Block for Good

By Ronald F Wilson 

Writer's block; we've all had it. We devote time to write, muster the motivation, and clear the space, but our pen stops short an inch from the page. So how do we escape it? First of all, let's remember there is a certain madness to creativity and at times you should let your rational thinking take a vacation while your right brain takes control. Too often writers try to give reason to what they are doing, and feel that they have to know it all from the outset. This can stifle the creative flow.

How do you make the switch to allow your creative mind to shine? Switch off any distractions including the television or radio. Concentrate on being calm and finding your inner creativity. Then, stir the imagination using triggers. Start doodling, write down random words and connect them to one other, or play 'imagine' and allow yourself to list all the reasonable and not-so-reasonable ideas that may come into your head. Write for the bin, and write without limitation.

It's amazing how one thing leads to another, and what you think is crazy, often results in an idea that was just waiting to be uncovered. The trick to really alleviating writer's block forever is to stop trying for perfection. Remember, you are merely drafting ideas in the first instance. These ideas are the seeds of the story, and if you try to perfect them from the outset, they can not become what they are meant to become.

Don't feel that you have to always come up with an original idea. This isn't always plausible, and people are often happier to read new slants on familiar themes. Try combining two or more ideas together to give your writing a new angle and captivate the interest of readers.

Try thinking of past events in your own life: things that have stirred emotions. How could you use that idea and make it a little more interesting? Consider newspaper article that have made an affect you. Could you use any elements of these to generate a section of your story? Scan the headlines. Read people's Facebook updates! You'll uncover lots of dramatic ideas there.

But remember, after you've unleashed your creativity there is still work to be done. The left brain is then required to make sense of the thoughts and ideas you've concocted. That is when it is time to order your thoughts into a story coherent for people to understand. So get in tune with both sides of your brain and, with a little practice, you will have the ability to overcome writer's block permanently.

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