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Be a part of something bigger than yourself! MarketingNewAuthors.com (MANA) invites every visitor of this blog to contribute to this continuous story on this blog. MANA is very interested in any person who loves to write. If you love to write, and this does not cost anyone a dime, MANA wants to give every visitor an opportunity to enjoy writing without feeling any pressure. Will you add to this "literary journey"? As a MANA Blog visitor, post—be a contributor, be a part of this journey. Age is not a criterion. The only "requirements" are that every post is a minimum of five sentences and you love to write. What should occur?

The first person to post is to use the photo in this blog as a catalyst for his/her beginning storyline for "The MANA Blog Short Story."

Then, MANA invites others to add to that first post to make a second, a third, fourth, fifth, etc. Let us see how long this short story continues. Each post should expand on the previous posting.

One of the main purposes of this journey is to encourage the joy of being a part of a writing journey. And it should be interesting to determine who else joins. So after every post, please sign one's first name and state or country. Indeed, MANA invites a wide range of people of different ages, from different states, and from different

countries to join. Yes, be a part of a journey that is bigger than yourself.

Who will be first? Post now!


  1. Off the coast of Florida, George and Allie were basking on their boat. George decided he was going to fish from the back of the boat. Allie noticed that he had gotten up to leave, but decided there was no reason for her to stop him. She simply wasn't worried about anything that he did. After all, she trusted him and was confident that he wouldn't go and hurt himself. Ultimately, she believed him capable of handling anything that he did. Their long standing relationship, friendship and companionship has helped cement this belief into her mind.

  2. Allie was laying on the front of the boat thinking of what a wonderful life she has with George. Then she was startled by a noise at the back of the boat. At first she thought it was George fiddling around with his tackle box and then she heard George scream, “ALLIE HELP IM OVERBORED AND CUT.” Allie then ran to the back of the boat as fast a cheetah chasing its prey. When she saw him bleeding she screamed and was panicking she didn’t know what to do. She finally decided to use the oars George had just in case the boat broke-down and needed to paddle to shore. She was headed to the front where they were located and then noticed a shark. “George there is a shark coming your way please try and get close to the boat I can’t lose you I love you.” Allie yelled. George was scared but wasn’t able to get on the boat. Luckily, Allie made it to George just in time. At last, George was on the boat safe and sound; after he caught his breathe and wrapped his arm with a sling to stop the bleeding he said to Allie, “I love you so much. Im glad you are in my life today you showed me how to love again.”

    1. To which Allie replied, "I'm glad you say that, because I got a call from my Gynecologist yesterday. She says I'm pregnant." George grinned large, and it faded into a scowl. He started doing the math. It didn't add up. He had been in serving Uncle Sam for so long, he couldn't remember when the last time him and Allie had shared such an intimate moment.

    2. George didn't know how to respond. On one hand, he was feeling betrayed. However, on the other hand, he did not want to accuse Allie of infidelity and be wrong. Maybe he did not add up the months right. Maybe...maybe...

    3. A mired of thoughts were racing through his mind. He couldn't fathom that Allie would ever be unfaithful to him. But then he remembered the covetous looks cast upon a certain man when she would accompany him to work functions. Could it be, would the woman he loves really have an affair with his boss? George cast those thoughts aside as ridiculousness on his part.

    4. George and Allie have been married over 20 years and Allie was the mother of George's two children. George's love for Allie good never be un broken he thought. Maybe George was wrong is it possible that the women of his dreams was a different person and could have been unfaithfull to him. George is hoping that it isnt true.

  3. As Allie saw the confused look on George's face she begin to wonder. My now wasn't the right time to tell him. I hope he is happy to hear the good news. Before she could say anything George stood up an walked away.
    "George!!" Allie yelled as he walked away.
    Allie couldn't believe his reaction. She started to walk in the direction George went.
    "Honey what is the matter? I thought you would be happy to hear that you were going to be a father."

  4. "Happy?" George replied. "How can I be happy, when I've been away for so long? The math just doesn't add up." "What are you saying George?" Allie asked. "I see how you look at Bobby when you guys are together...please tell me its not true Allie," said George.

  5. "I am happy that I am going to be a father, but something is not right," George responded.
    "What do you mean 'not right'?," Allie responded with confusion.
    "Your pregnant! But we have not been intimate in months, how are you pregnant?"
    "I was unsure of what would happen to you when you went back to Afganistan. We have always talked about having a baby girl, so the last time when we did our invitro fertilization, for Jonathon, they froze a couple fertilized eggs and I had a couple inplanted a month before I knew they were deploying you to come back home."
    George, feeling quiet embarrased of his actions smiled big and wrapped his arms around Allie, "Baby I am love you so much!"

  6. Then Allie began to feel betrayed herself. Why would George jump to conclusion of the baby not being his? Allie was faithful through the long months of Georges deployment. Allie then says to George "do you not trust me? Have I ever given you a reason to not trust me"?

  7. The following day George decide take off work and go to the doctor to get his arm checked out. While he was waiting to be seen by his doctor the conversation he had with Allie the night before was replaying in his head. He still had some doubts of Allie be unfaithful to him so he took it upon his self to go to see her gynecologist. Once he arrive at the office he started having second thoughts but now that he was there he would just go with his first mind and talk to the doctor. He walked up to the desk where he was greet " hi Mr.Collins, how Mrs.Collins, the receptionist asked. She's doing great he replied. Before he could get anything else out of his month the receptionist said "my it's been along time since I've seen you two. George said, well I've been away for a while but my wife was here a month ago. The receptionist had this funny look on her face and then replied' " no she hasn't been here since the last time you two were here together".

  8. Georges world began to spin. How he wanted to believe Allie was telling him the truth. But something didn't feel right. Hadn't Allie told him the last time they tried so hard for another baby would be the last. She hated all of the hormone injections, extra emotions, and spending so much time in those awful stirrups. She was so much older than most of the women that were trying at the time, and it was so hard on her body. She had lost so much weight and been so sick. And then when Johnathan had been born with his problems, she had blamed herself for being too old too conceive. No, Allie wanted another child, even longed for a girl, but she'd never risk it intentionally. It just didn't add up. But, hadn't the doctor said she'd never conceive naturally? George felt faint. He suddenly needed to sit down.

  9. When George sat down, he suddenly realized that maybe this was meant to be for his family. George thought about how Allie had finally came to a conclusion about her life. Allie was ready to try again, and so was George. For once this seemed to be there time. The was until the doctor started to speak.

  10. "Hi, George," Dr. Fischer greeted him, "I take it Allie told you the news?" George just nodded his head, dumbfounded.
    "Rachel told me that she hadn't seen Allie for awhile."
    "I think she came in while you were on vacation, Rachel."
    "Oh, that makes sense," the light bulb almost visibly illuminating in her head, "my husband and I went to Hawaii for our anniversary." She flipped through the appointment book. "It looks like she came in for her two-week follow up the day before we came home."
    "She told me to keep it quiet," Dr. Fischer turned back to George, "she wanted to be sure first."
    "Well, I'm glad I came in." George stood up. "It was nice to see you, Rachel. You too, Dr. Fischer." He smiled and exited through the double glass doors.
    The street was busy, but George had one more stop to make before heading home.

  11. George, so reluctlantly thinking...
    "Is this what I want? Seriously? Is this what we want?" George thought to himself.
    "I know we've been trying at this for sometime, but maybe it's not what were ready for..."
    In the meantime, George needed to run to the town market and pick up a few things. As George was pulling up to the store, he got out the car and headed in. He needed milk, eggs, bread, and a few other items. As he was shopoping, George received a phone call. [ring, ring]
    "Hey honey!" said George.
    "George! George! I'm not feeling well...I don't know what's going on," said Allie. so frantically speaking and slightly out of breath...

  12. A wave of panic shot through George's body. He began to picture the fright on his wife's face as he'd seen it before when the other pregnancies began to fail. He didn't come to himself until the security guard tapped him on the shoulder. "Excuse me sir", he said. "You haven't paid for your groceries." George was so consumed with Allie's panicked voice in his head that he had walked out of the store without paying for his food.

  13. Christopher, Mi, USAApril 28, 2012 at 11:48 PM

    Beeep beeep beeep. George's alarm clock wakes him up. Startled, George looks around and finds himself in his bedroom. These dreams have been going on for weeks now. Ever since his girlfriend Allie talked about getting married and starting a family. The dreams always start off with the two of them on a boat and end with Allie frantically calling him. "The dreams seem so real", George thought. George and Allie have only just graduated high school, and Allie has been pressuring George to have a baby in fear of losing him after they both go off to college.